Are You Ready for Some Football?

Meh, I’m not really ever ready for some football. I can get really into the Olympics and World Cup, but football just isn’t my thing. I was once dragged to a Penn State football game in the rain in the student section where I had to stand the whole time. Everyone else with me thought it was the best thing ever. I wanted to go home.

Normally, I skip the Super Bowl all together and watch the Puppy Bowl instead. Have you ever seen the Puppy Bowl? It is true bliss. Puppies run around on a little football field and halfway through the “game” there is a kitty half-time show. I have been a loyal viewer since Puppy Bowl I.

These pups are hardcore.

This year, I DVRed the Puppy Bowl to enjoy later in the week, and hosted a small gathering for the Super Bowl. Chris wanted to watch the game, so I decided it would be most fun surrounded by friends and food.

I tried to have some healthy options to make up for our beer-filled weekend. I made a large salad, my famous guac to serve with multigrain tortilla chips, and spaghetti squash.

I heart you, too.

It looked prettier in person.

The night ended up not being so healthy, because we ordered pizza. There were also cupcakes. I may have had one two.

Tasty frosting covered frienemies.

The most surprising part of the night was that I actually enjoyed watching the game. It was close all the way through, so it kept me entertained. I didn’t really care which team won, since I had no connections to either, but we all picked one side to get more into the action. In the end “our” team lost, but it was still good fun. Maybe I’m okay with football after all? Probably not.

What were your Super Bowl eats?

7 responses to “Are You Ready for Some Football?

  1. My man was working so I never got to do a proper superbowl party! Luckily we had a fun night out earlier in the week with soul food..but Sunday night was a quiet night to myself! Cupcakes are always worth it 🙂

  2. popcorn! always an eat for me 🙂 Guac is a great dish too

  3. I love popcorn, too. Have you tried 1/2 naked popcorn? It’s my current favorite.

  4. The Puppy Bowl was great! It made me so happy and I was snuggling my dog the entire time. I wish I had a DVR so I could watch it every day!

    Um, those cupcakes look delish. Like I want to lick my screen delish! I could totally go for some guac as well…..

  5. I may or may not have helped myself to a spoonful of chocolate frosting during the game. Hey, it’s a once a year event (the superbowl, not the frosting incident).

  6. omg. we ate almost the same food! You weren’t kidding!! And I finally saw the puppy bowl for the first time this year..I couldn’t look away!

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