This weekend was all about beer making it a beer-weekend or rather a Beerkend. I enjoy a nice draft with a veggie burger or a nice drink at the end of the week, but over all I am am a glass of wine type of girl.  This weekend turned out to be a beer-themed weekend. Granted beer isn’t exactly healthy, so I need to make up for the empty calories I consumed over this next week.

Friday night, Chris and I meet up with friends from my high school, Jeremy and Nathan, and Nathan’s wife, Rachel at the Jersey City Beer Garden. We got a little lost finding it, but once we got there we discovered that it’s actually the coolest place ever. The hall is huge and the whole place is filled with long wooden tables where you and your friends sit wherever you choose. There was a live band that was pretty good and an overall community atmosphere. I can see how people can hang out here and make some new friends. In addition to the many draft beer options – most which I never heard of – they also had some yummy eats.

Chris's big beer.

Giant pretzel, veggie burger, and frankfurter. The giant pretzel stole the show.

My veggie burger close-up.

Chris's frankfurter close-up.

We had a great time catching up, sharing high school stories, and enjoying the atmosphere. I can seem myself coming here a lot in the summer when they open the outdoor patio.

Saturday afternoon was nice and relaxing. Chris and I slept in and ate breakfast  in bed. Then, I went to get my nails done with Melissa. I finally tried out  grey nail polish.

The color is actually much lighter than it looks here.


At night, it was time for part 2 of Beerkend. To celebrate my friend Evan’s birthday, a group of us bought tickets to go out to the Beer Expo at the Meadowlands. There were over 50 breweries giving out samples of their brews.

We had a fun time trying different beers from around the world. My favorite ended up being the hard cider. We even got this souvenir glass.

Today was Superbowl Sunday, but my drink of choice today was Diet Coke. 😉 I’ll update tomorrow on our game-time meal.

What’s your favorite type of beer? Mine is Ithaca Apricot Wheat. Yum!

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