The Thrill is Back

Before living in Upstate NY I didn’t even know who Alan Jackson was, and now I’m quoting him in post titles. Oh, how I wish NYC had a country music station. Thankfully, there is Pandora.

But, the thrill is back. What thrill? The thrill of wearing your old clothes. The thrill of losing enough weight that you get to go shopping in your closet. It’s been a while since I could fit into some of my clothes, but I refused to give them up in the event that someday I would actually lose weight. Well, some day is here. Today, I am wearing my favorite jeans circa 1L year. They were a little tight then, but now they are more than comfortable. And they make my bum look good. There is nothing more fun that getting new-ish clothes without actually having to pay for them. I am having lots of fun realizing that I can wear things that I haven’t worn in a few years. I still am scared every time I go to zipper a pair of jeans that wouldn’t even button in September. Every time they zip up, and I realize they are comfortable, I get so thrilled. I also have started wearing some shirts that were too small earlier in the year. I am officially a Medium top again!

What milestones have you achieved lately?

I am still in need of losing my final 8lbs, though. Here are some things I am munching on to help me achieve that goal:

Lunch yesterday was half a container of Whole Foods mock-chicken salad mixed with dried cranberries  served on a low-fat English muffin with tomato and lettuce. I paired it with Garlic and Onion Soy Crisps. The mock-chicken salad is one of my favorite things to eat, and I got a container this past week for only $2.50. Score!

Dinner last night, I was all set to ravage through my bare cupboards and create a random meal. Then, I got the idea of salmon in my head, and just couldn’t shake it. So I went to the local supermarket and picked up a piece for under $4. I love well priced fish. I also tried this out as it was on Manager’s Special:

I mixed the spinach pasta with the salmon and added diced tomatoes and steamed broccoli. Of course I topped the whole thing off with some lemon juice, garlic powder, and feta. A yummy, satisfying meal. I’m happy I tried out a new type of pasta. I will be purchasing it again.

What new foods have you enjoyed trying out?

7 responses to “The Thrill is Back

  1. how great for you; I don’t know that I’ve ever been okay with the cold weather and I can’t imagine what you’re doing right now with all of that! I’m struggling to love my body and it is so great to hear about someone who has a breakthrough and I am glad to read it!

  2. This dinner looks super yummy! Congrats on fitting back into your clothes! I have a ton of clothing in our storage unit in the basement of our building that haven’t fit me in years. I am really hoping to wear them again too!

  3. Thanks for the support! The winter has been bad, but now that I have moved from Upstate NY, it’s nothing to complain about in comparison.

  4. I have been loving my artisana nut butters lately!

    have a great weekend girlie!

  5. I f*cking love their mock chicken salad. I buy TUBS of it and eat that sh*t all week!! Oops…excuse my foul language. Anyways, something new I’ve tried and love? Almond butter on top of wheat bran cereal. So darn creamy!

  6. I’m all about pandora lately! I tried green beans!!!! And I feel like I need to try nutella since it’s all over the blog world today!

  7. Nutella has been a favorite of mine since a sorority sister reped for them and our house was always full of samples. 🙂

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