Making the Grade

So up until May of this past year, I spent my entire life as a student. It was my identity, one that is still kind of odd not have anymore. As a student of 20 years, I have a sick obsession with being graded. I mean, how else are you supposed to check point what you are working on?

So now that I have declared my nerdom, let me explain how this applies. So I am working on dieting and creating a healthy lifestyle for myself. Obviously weighing myself let’s me know if I am up or down in weight. And losing weight is one thing, but it is not always hand in hand with being healthy. I think we all have learned about the dangers of being Skinny-Fat from Cosmo and the likes.

This is why I am currently loving It allows you to track your food, but it also grades each thing you put in your mouth based on it’s nutritional value. At the end of the day you get a grade. And call me nerdy, but I get really excited when I get an “Eating A” for the day. Since I am accounting for what I eat, it is helping me to continue to make better choices. Of course this is one of those things you have to make sure not to get obsessed with – I got a B+ yesterday, but it’s no biggie. I mean a B+ was curve in law school.

What nerdy tendencies do you have?

6 responses to “Making the Grade

  1. I absolutely LOVE that website. My personal nerdy tendencies make me partial to all the different graphs and charts, but hey, I was a math freak after all. I’m glad you’re using that website!!

  2. I LOVE logic puzzles to spend my free time… I’m a math nerd

  3. I have to say that math nerd is the one type of nerd I can’t be – I am so bad at it!

  4. That sounds really interesting, I’m diggin the idea of it grading you. I use and it doesnt do anything cool like that!

    I have so many nerdy tendencies…..crossword puzzles, crocheting, googling useless fact websites so I can load up on useless knowledge, etc.

  5. I always say i’m a nerd:) haha….I like reading, making lists, etc.

  6. I love making lists, too, even if I never look at them after I make them.

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