Weighing In

The new scale I ordered off of Amazon seems to be broke. Either I gained two pounds by putting on my makeup today or it doesn’t work properly. Thankfully, I used their free shipping, so at least there’s that in my favor.

What reliable scale do you recommend? I don’t want to keep ordering and returning products!

4 responses to “Weighing In

  1. Hey there! Thanks for visiting my blog! Chocolate Cheerios do exist and you must try them. A great dessert/snack!

  2. buy a scale at bed bath and beyond and stick with that SCALE for your “original” weight. Scales vary all the time so watch out!! Weigh yourself once a week or you’ll go crazy!

  3. Good advice. I do my best to only weigh myself once a big because of that reason. I just don’t like this one because when I was testing it to see if it worked, I couldn’t get one solid reading.

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