Rain is a Good Thing?

“Rain makes corn/Corn makes whiskey/Whiskey makes my baby, feel a little frisky.”

Luke Bryan says that rain is a good thing. I can see the justification – I’m not a big fan of whiskey, but I do like corn. However, I think even Luke would agree that freezing rain in NYC is not a good thing. Not only is the city lacking in corn fields, but I am pretty sure freezing rain is not good for corn. Which means no whiskey. Which means Luke’s baby isn’t feeling frisky. Sorry Luke.


NYC is one huge freezing mess today. The streets are filled with a slushy mixed made only better by the fact that the sidewalks are iced and more ice is falling from the sky. Good thing I have my awesome bubble gum pink rainboots. I seriously don’t understand how people are walking around in any other kind of shoe today. I saw one girl walking tip-toeing at a snail pace in her Tory Burch flats. Bad move.

Not rainboots.

I should recap last night, since I wasn’t able to put up a post. I went to PT for probably the last time in a while. I felt that I wasn’t getting any new information from them, and the only thing I was getting in the sessions that I couldn’t do for myself was the ultrasound on my knees at the end of the workout. It takes up 2 hours of my nights twice a week, and I’d rather work on my knees myself and get to have more gym time. I can always go back if it isn’t the best idea.

When I came home from PT, I was delighted to find out that not only was Chris home from work, but along with making himself dinner, he made me a baked potato topped with feta. Yum! Chris figured I wouldn’t be home in time to eat dinner with him, so he took the opportunity to make himself some chicken. I was really proud of the healthy food effort he is making. Last night he had chicken and a baked potato with feta. Good decisions! I’m happy to know that my healthier eating choices of late have been influencing others.

I paired my baked potato with yet another BLTease, because I am obsessed.

Do you feel that your healthy decisions influence someone else? Are you ever influenced to make healthy decisions by another person?

One response to “Rain is a Good Thing?

  1. so when I started my relationship with my fiance he worked out all the time..I didn’t…i hated it…fast forward 3 years later and I NEED to exercise…once you see the muscle definition in your body you can’t stop. He influenced me cause I saw how much HE loved the changes that HE had and I wanted to see what would happen with me!

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