This Week’s Loves #3

–  The Beaver-focused episode of Greek.

– Getting the go-ahead to return to the gym.

– Buying new sneaks to wear to the gym. They are so pretty.

– Girls Night take-in Bertucci’s dinner.

– Having fresh produce to cook with all week long.

–  Hanging out with Chris all weekend long.

– Attending a friend’s birthday dinner, and bringing along this happy cake.

Don't worry, be happy.

– Sharing one two bottles of wine with Chris and Evan and planning a return trip to Ithaca.

Ithaca is gorges.

– Playing catch in the snow with Hadley.

– Finally buying more Crystal Light packs.

–  Having a phone date catch-up session with a good friend.

2 responses to “This Week’s Loves #3

  1. I love phone dates with friends! Especially when they live far and you feel like you just saw each other.

    Wow, Ithaca does look pretty who knew?

  2. It is pretty – just don’t visit October – March!

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