Snow Day Pup

*Warning: Gratuitous dog photos follow.*

Woke up this morning to a text from working announcing a Snow Day! This was both unexpected and exciting. Hadley and I celebrated by being lazy bums and sleeping past noon.

Owning a pet is straight up wonderful for your mental health. Personally, I believe having a dog to play in the snow with is one of the best things ever. Here is photographic proof:

Hadley bounding through the snow. He looks like a kangaroo here.

Catching his breathe.

Bounding close up.

Good work out, Hads.

Back to enjoying my day of mental/physical rest.

What’s your favorite part about a snow day?

6 responses to “Snow Day Pup

  1. Hadley is sooo frickin cute–what breed is he??

    I love going outside on snow days–it’s so peaceul and quiet out and no one seems to be out there. Hello solitude!

  2. ahhh I want a snow day!!! Might have to give myself another one soon! Love the pup pics-so cute! I love hanging out with my dog on my days off!!!

  3. alexshealingbeauty

    My favorite part about snow days is being able to curl up with some hot tea and a good book in front of the fire place and not worrying about having to do anything or go anywhere. You’re dog is absolutely adorable! I agree that having pets is great for your mental health. My family has a dog but now that I’m on leave from school I wanted my own, however, I couldn’t find a dog that had a mellow personality like my parents’ dog and that my parents would let in their house for the next few months! 😦

  4. Good luck on your dog search! I wish I had a fireplace, that’s the one thing I would love to add to my apartment.

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