I <3 Endorphins

So this post was going to be all about my day. I was going to say how that since Chris is away for work for the next few days, Hadley has taken on the role of “man of the house.”

I was going to mention how I had red Thai curry for dinner and it wasn’t too spicy for me (big achievement). I was going to point out that you should check out my new 99 before 3o page (see #59!). And I was going to mention that it’s a snow globe outside.

But instead, I think I will just talk about how excited I am right now and how much I have missed working out.

Today on my lunch break I braved the snow to buy a new pair of sneakers. I have never owned a pair of Saucony sneakers before, but they felt good when I put them on. Plus, they are pretty.

My friend was over until 9, and I almost decided to push my return to the gym back to tomorrow. My new sneaks were begging to be tried out, though, and I am glad I gave them a spin. I hit up the elliptical for my alloted 10 minutes and followed that with my leg drills from PT, 300 crunches, and some arm weights. I rarely do arm weights, so it was actually the hardest part of the workout. I made sure not push myself on the elliptical, because I have been instructed not to, but I did push myself on the crunches and arm weights. Guess what? It felt great. I don’t know why I stopped working out for so long in law school. It’s such a great rush to push yourself and achieve your goals. Even if your goals are just one more set of bicep curls, it’s still instant achievement. I love the flow of endorphins I am feeling now, that I have been aching for since I have been in PT. I really have been moody without exercise and just once quick trip to the gym has me all giddy.

The shoes are so far so good. I ran around a little to test them out because its hard to tell on elliptical. I felt a little bit like I was running on bouncy clouds, but that’s probably because my old sneakers were about five years old (shameful). Now, I am icing my knees, so that hopefully this gym love affair can continue.

How do you feel after a good workout?

8 responses to “I <3 Endorphins

  1. 300! I am going to have to work a lot harder to get my numbers up that high! What kind of crunches are you doing? Just the normal ones, or a variety to get the sides and lower abs?

    • I do them in sets of 20 for a round of 20: normal crunches, crunches with my hands straight up, crunches to the right, crunches to the left, crunches where I reach my hands between my legs. I repeat then 3x. When I break it down like that it’s not bad. I have some friends that go by 200 a day and they have great abs. I’m just needing to play catch up here. Don’t do more than you can though – I have done that in the past and all that results in is me not doing any again for too long!

  2. Love Saucony’s-i’ve been through a few brand of sneaks and those by far fit me the best-I actually have a new pair that should be in any time now…yay! After a good workout-I love it…so accomplished like I got my butt handed to me!

  3. Diggin the shoes! Pink and black is one of my favorite color combinations and my workout shoes are those colors! I hear that brand is really good for running.

    I want snow!

  4. I feel like I can punch someone in the face. I can NOT believe all the snow you guys are getting…I’M SCARED!

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