Daily Archives: January 26, 2011

I <3 Endorphins

So this post was going to be all about my day. I was going to say how that since Chris is away for work for the next few days, Hadley has taken on the role of “man of the house.”

I was going to mention how I had red Thai curry for dinner and it wasn’t too spicy for me (big achievement). I was going to point out that you should check out my new 99 before 3o page (see #59!). And I was going to mention that it’s a snow globe outside.

But instead, I think I will just talk about how excited I am right now and how much I have missed working out.

Today on my lunch break I braved the snow to buy a new pair of sneakers. I have never owned a pair of Saucony sneakers before, but they felt good when I put them on. Plus, they are pretty.

My friend was over until 9, and I almost decided to push my return to the gym back to tomorrow. My new sneaks were begging to be tried out, though, and I am glad I gave them a spin. I hit up the elliptical for my alloted 10 minutes and followed that with my leg drills from PT, 300 crunches, and some arm weights. I rarely do arm weights, so it was actually the hardest part of the workout. I made sure not push myself on the elliptical, because I have been instructed not to, but I did push myself on the crunches and arm weights. Guess what? It felt great. I don’t know why I stopped working out for so long in law school. It’s such a great rush to push yourself and achieve your goals. Even if your goals are just one more set of bicep curls, it’s still instant achievement. I love the flow of endorphins I am feeling now, that I have been aching for since I have been in PT. I really have been moody without exercise and just once quick trip to the gym has me all giddy.

The shoes are so far so good. I ran around a little to test them out because its hard to tell on elliptical. I felt a little bit like I was running on bouncy clouds, but that’s probably because my old sneakers were about five years old (shameful). Now, I am icing my knees, so that hopefully this gym love affair can continue.

How do you feel after a good workout?

Cause You’ve Got to Have Friends

And now I am quoting Bette Midler. But, really, it’s been true for me lately. Chris has been working on super overtime (he literally slept at his office on Sunday and is off to Miami for work today) so it’s just been Hadley and I for the last two weeks or so at home. That is why it’s so nice for me to have friends to hang out with while my boyfriend is busy being a lawyer.

Last night, I was lucky enough to hang out with some of those friends. Sorry about not posting in the evening, but I got home pretty late and then Chris finally showed his face, so we had quick catch-up-it’s-good-to-see-you-are-still-alive time. Anyways, this is how my day after work went yesterday: I left work and it was still actually light out! That is the best healthy boost I can get – sunlight! I know that by the time I made it home from work it was dark, but just that little time in the sun rejuvenated me and made me feel like I could do something other than lie under the covers when I got home. 

So, when I first got home, I did lie under the covers. But, just for a little bit – I am in the midst of vacation planning, so I wanted to check out the daily specials. When I was done, Hadley and I were productive. We went to the library to drop off some books and then headed over to the bigger dog park. Normally, I take him to the littler one in our area, but today it was nicer out, so I figured the extra walk to the bigger one would be fun. Hadley was so happy to have the space to run around in, you could literally see him smiling (I swear, the dog smiles). He is a small guy – around 25lbs -, but he loves to play with the big guys and immediately made friends with both a 90lb lab and a 200lb small bear. It was amusing to watch.

After the dog park, Hadley was ready for a nap and I was ready to head over to my friend Melissa’s. Melissa, Cheryl, and I had a lovely girl’s night while enjoying food from potentially my favorite chain restaurant, Bertucci’s. Bertucci’s aka the Tuc has a soft spot in my heart. There was one right off campus at my undergrad that took our college cash cards, so my friends and I went several times monthly. Nothing is as good as a warm roll from the Tuc. I haven’t been to one in over a year, and had no clue there was one by Melissa, so I was really excited when she mentioned we could order food from there. I’m not going to lie, I went a little over board enjoying the Tuc last night and found myself eating two slices of pizza, salad, and a delicious roll. Good thing I can do a little bit of working out now! Since I’m used to having Chris around the apartment, but have been “on my own” lately with just Hadley, it was so nice to see friends on a week night. We are planning on making it a weekly thing!

I love you.

 Also, I am planning on buying new running sneaks today. Does anyone have any sneaker recs for a person with bad knees? They will be used mainly on a treadmill/elliptical and for gym classes. Hopefully when it’s spring, I can convince my knees that they can also run outside a little, too.

Do you go out with friends on “school nights”? When you do, does it always feel extra special?