Foam Rolling Along

Yesterday at PT I was given the thumbs up to begin a small workout routine. I am to do my leg drills like I have been and add in foam rolling and ten minutes on the elliptical. I know it’s not a lot, but it will feel great to be back in sneaks and spandex!

I have read a lot about foam rollers on blogs, but last night was my first experience with one. Did anyone else find them really hard to use at first? I was told to do three minutes on both sides and roll it from my super tight IT bands up my quads and back. I know I was supposed to balance all my weight on the roller, but I kept moving it to my elbow. This was especially hard on my elbow that I broke a few years back. It’s healed, but it’s never been as strong as the other since. I think I am going to add arm weights into my new workout routine.

Now that I need to use a foam roller nightly, I am looking for some advice. What size foam roller is best to buy? I am using it primarily on my legs. Also, where can I buy one in the NYC area? Or should I just stick to Amazon? Lastly, does it get easier to use? Or am I just going to have to buff up my elbows?

3 responses to “Foam Rolling Along

  1. I can tell you I am thrilled that you can do some form of exercise as I know how much you enjoy it. I actually can direct you to the right person to give you advice on what type and where to purchase the foam roller.

  2. I looooove foam rollers-instant gratification! I always order them offline at Perform Better.

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