Step by Step BLTease

Tonight I had the yummiest dinner – a vegetarian BLT aka a BLTease. Here’s how I did it:

First open up your pack of Morningstar Bacon. Then fry it up with a little  bit of cooking spray.

While it’s crackling, cut up your veggies.

And prep your toast.

Take your bacon out of the pan, layer on the L and the T and add some low-fat mayo.


6 responses to “Step by Step BLTease

  1. That looks delicious! I’ve used tempah bacon for a “BLT” before, but never the Morning Star strips, not yet……. 😉

  2. It was really yum – I recommend trying out the strips.

  3. That sounds great, hows the texture of the Morningstar bacon? Is it rubbery or does it actually taste good?

  4. alexshealingbeauty

    cute name!

  5. I didn’t find it rubbery at all. I suppose if I microwaved it (which was an option on the box), it probably would be, but it was crispy when done in a pan.

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