This Week’s Loves #2

This is a weekly post where I take time to be thankful for the small extras that made me happy this week.

– Long weekend Mondays. Especially when they include a trip to Whole Foods with the best friend.

A big salad and a part of a bean buritto.

– Devouring an excellent near 600 page book in the span of a week.

– Sipping Sleepy Time Vanilla tea out of my Zabar’s mug.

– Hadley cuddling with me all weekend.

– Finding an opportunity to wear a dress with silver sequins.

– Spending time with my brother, cousin, and friends all at once.

– Hosting a successful book club.

Mini Grilled Cheeses

– Getting more responsibility at work.

– Discovering Cupcake wine, and then having both bottles of red and white brought to my apartment for Book Club.


– Booking a Restaurant Week date with the beau for next Friday.

8 responses to “This Week’s Loves #2

  1. I love zabars. every foodie who loves fresh food should!

  2. Aww the pup is so cute! I wish I had a whole foods<–jealous! Does that wine say Cupcake? I think I need to find that!

  3. It does say cupcake! I thought that it was a wonderful name for a winery. I kept one of the bottles to use later as a vase.

  4. What a cute dog!! I like buying that wine just because it says Cupcake. 🙂

  5. alexshealingbeauty

    Your dog is definitely the cutest dog!!

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