Scenes From Book Club

I hosted Book Club last night and it was a big success. Here are some snap shots of our bite-sized cuisine.

Mini Grilled Cheeses

Lasagna Rolls

Mexican Polenta Cakes

Stuffed Mushrooms


Pudding and Fruit Cups

Raspberry Jam Tartlets

One of many bottles of wine.

6 responses to “Scenes From Book Club

  1. Those polenta cakes look amazing! Are you going to post the recipes for us to try?

  2. alexshealingbeauty

    The mexican polenta cakes and raspberry jam tartlets especially look amazing!

  3. I really hope you’re going to post recipes for all of these! Please?? 🙂

  4. I love all those mini-ideas! Always looking for bite size apps to serve-recipes!!!!! Mini-grilled cheeses-love!

  5. Now I feel bad – I only have a recipe for the mini grilled cheese which are listed on my recipe board (only I didn’t mention that I sliced each sandwich into about ten pieces). Since everyone makes one dish, the rest were contributed by fellow book club members. They were all so delicious though, so I will try to get the recipes to share with you all!

  6. I actially posted a comment on this , yesterdaay but due to a long day at work forgot to press post comment. I love bite size foods and they all look and appear quite yummy. My favorite foods to eat are what I call tasty tid-bits (a liitle of this and a little of that) Wish I could have been there for this most delightful evening!

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