Chick Salad is So Good

So no pictures today, because for whatever reason my computer isn’t letting me upload them onto my post. Maybe it’s WordPress? Is anyone else using WordPress having that problem?

Anyways, the only spectacular eat of the day was my  Chik Salad Sandwich, and it doesn’t photograph pretty, so this isn’t the biggest lost. I’ll share the recipe after my recap of the day.

Breakfast was an omelette because I felt like being different. I had egg whites with tomatoes, cheddar, and brocolli paired with two pieces of toast. It was meh. I’m going back to oatmeal tomorrow.

Lunch was my yummy Chick Salad sandwich paired with a Glenny’s 100 Calorie brownie. I expected more from the brownie. Though it large for only 100 calories, it tasted like it was only 100 calories. I felt like I was restricting myself with each bite – does anyone else get what I mean? – so I won’t be eating this treat again.

Today in PT, I used the elliptical for the first time since I began my therapy. My knees hurt more than I wanted them, too, but I am trying to stay confident. Just keep doing those drills, right?

Chris was actually home from work in time for dinner – a first in way too long – so we celebrated by ordering in Chinese. I had steamed shrimp with white rice and brocolli. It came with a brown sauce, but I didn’t much like it so I skipped it.

Add in work, reading a whole lot more of House at Riverton (so good), and ice skating at the dog park (so slippery) and you basically have my day. Now for that promised recipe:

Chik Salad Sandwich

Take 1/2 cup of Worthington Diced Chik and mix with desired amount of mayo (I used low-fat mayo). Toss in dried cranberries. Place on toasted English Muffin. Simple. Easy. Delicious. Seriously, you should try it. My taste buds were singing during every awesome bite.

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