Where in the World

So as you may have seen in my earlier post, Chris and I like to travel. We try to do one big vacation a year. Last year we were fortunate to travel a lot. We visited friends in Paris, adventure traveled in Iceland, visited family in Boston and Colorado, and went with friends to both Savannah, GA and Fripp Island, SC.

Fripp Island, SC. A little slice of paradise.

This year we are looking to take one big international trip. We were hoping to visit Costa Rico, but as of late the plane tickets have gone up considerably. That is where I am asking for your advice. Where in the world should Chris and I go?

We are looking for a place that meets both our wants. Chris wants a vacation destination with a nice beach, warm weather, and preferably umbrella drinks. I want a vacation destination where I can do some adventure travel – nothing too crazy, but more exciting than spending my entire time bum in the sand. We are operating on a smaller budget, so I would like to keep the plane ticket under $400 (ideally around $250 – $300).Where do you recommend we travel? Has anyone gone to any of the resorts, such as Sandals? What are they like?

I know this post may seem like it has nothing to do with a healthy lifestyle, but taking a vacation is imperative to a healthy lifestyle, don’t you think? πŸ˜‰

5 responses to “Where in the World

  1. Have you thought about a cruise to Bermuda! They are pretty fantastic . The ship pretty much becomes a floating hotel as you explore the island. There are tons of things to do as well including pink sand beaches. Did I mention they are C-H-E-A-P! YOu guys should def check it out πŸ™‚

  2. Hey who cares—if we all did healthy lifestyle posts all the time, that would be boring right? I just posted about valium and how much I enjoyed it. Variety is the spice of life!

    How about Dominican Republic? I hear its cheap to go to there and they have alot of resorts. I went to the Puerto Vallarta area a couple of yrs ago and stayed at a resort called Costa Azul. It was $100 a night and that included hotel, activities, food and beer. I liked it a lot!

    I think you should do a weekly post about all the places you’ve been–I love traveling and reading about it πŸ™‚

  3. Thanks for the suggestions. I was actually thinking about DR. I’ll look into both of these locations. I do love to travel, so I will def post about my trips from time to time. I wish I have done enough travel to do a weekly blog post, but my passport is not filled enough for that yet.

  4. I can’t recommend any places, since I’ve unfortunately never traveled internationally, but any place warm sounds amazing right now!

  5. I agree! Let’s get out of this slush.

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