No Pudge Brownies and Worthington Products

I promised a review of both my dinner and No Pudge Brownies, so reviews I shall give.

First, dinner was a throw together of what my body was screaming for at the moment. Apparently my body was confused, and I threw together a meal that perhaps only I and a vegetarian pregnant lady would crave. I made bulked up mac ‘n cheese for dinner. This time, I bulked up my one cup serving with a 1/4 cup of Worthington diced chick and a handful of chickpeas. It somehow worked, and my craving was satisfied.

Chris actually introduced me to Worthington products. He grew up eating a lot of Worthington products, since many people in his family are vegetarians, and the world has not always provided as many veggie friendly options as it does now. I have a feeling that Worthington products aren’t the healthiest of meat substitutes, but in moderation and appropriate serving size they can be a good addition to a meal. The diced chik was good and tasted chicken-like to me (says someone who hasn’t had the real thing in almost ten years), and I have big plans for it for tomorrow’s lunch. Chris actually says that the FriChik is even better.

My personal favorite Worthington product, though, are Big Franks. They are vegan hotdog substitutes and are excellent. Once you get over the fact that they come in a can, they are really very good. I enjoy them so much that for graduation gift Chris’s mom traveled all the way from California with a case of Big Franks as her carry-on , since they are extremely hard to find in the Northeast. So basically, I’m not sure if anyone else will appreciate the mix I made for dinner, but I do recommend giving Worthington’s a try if you are a vegan/vegetarian.

My review for the No Pudge Brownies starts out with some sage advice: don’t burn the brownies. I didn’t follow such advice. Everyone is entitled to a few idiot moments in life, and yesterday I cashed in on one of mine. I prepared the brownies per the instructions, which meant that I added 2/3 a cup of low-fat vanilla yogurt, and then I went rogue and threw in a handful of semi-sweet chocolate chips to give the brownies a little something extra. I let the brownies bake and watched them diligently.

The problem was that the mac ‘n cheese was ready at the same time as the brownies. Apparently, sometimes I am not capable of doing two things at once. I took the mac n’ cheese off the burner, took out the perfectly cooked brownies, and then promptly put the brownies on the burner that was still on. I smelt something burning a few minutes later and realized I managed to burn my brownies outside of the oven. Now that takes skill.

Thankfully, they weren’t totally burnt. I can’t get a good slice out of the pan, but I can take a fork to them and eat the top off. The top is so yummy. The brownies are super gooey and moist. Sadly, they also come with that extra burnt taste. I will be trying No Pudge Brownies again, and even though I didn’t get the full experience, from what I could taste I recommend them. I would also recommend adding an egg white (an optional suggestion the box provided to make the brownies more cake-like), because the brownies are super gooey. Has anyone made a non-burnt version? Did you enjoy them?

One response to “No Pudge Brownies and Worthington Products

  1. Burning brownies outside the oven. Classic. I must say I’ve never made an entire pan. They used to come with instuctions on how to make a single sized portion in the microwave and that’s what I always preferred. An entire pan proves to be too much temptation so I like the little sizes. They end up tasting like those Warm Delight things from Duncan Hines, but healthier and better. 🙂

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