Philly in Photos Part 1

I just returned from a fabulous trip to Philadelphia to visit Kelley. Here is our  trip told mainly through photos:

Work let out early for the long weekend. I eagerly awaited the bus to come. Before boarding, I got the idea to create a “luggage pocket square” to mark which black suitcase was mine.

My luggage looked so dapper.

I took the Bolt Bus for the first time. I highly recommend it. The seats are all super comfy and there’s free wi-fi.

My chariot has arrived.

When I got there, Kelley and I decided it was time for dinner. Kel had scored a deal coupon for a local brew pub that she really enjoyed.

We started with a draft each,

Mine is the darker one.

shared a flat bread app, and I ordered the special: Spaghetti Squash Parmigiano. This is the first time I have ever seen spaghetti squash served as a main dish in a restaurant, so I had to try it out. It was amazing, and I thought the idea of preparing it Italian style was great. I think I will try to recreate this recipe on my own in the future. It was also so huge that the leftovers themselves were  heavy to hold!


We went back to Kel’s house – it was my first time seeing it and it’s really nice, especially her room which is full of her personality (and bunnies) – and exchanged holiday gifts.

A notebook laptop notebook cover! One of my gifts to Kel.

Over the knee socks. One of Kel's gifts to me. I'm wearing them now!

We started Saturday by visiting Reading Terminal Market. It’s a huge indoor market that reminded me of a mix between a farmer’s market and a flea market. It was basically incredible and it was hard to decide what to eat for lunch and what to buy to bring home. I recommend stopping by if you are visiting Philly.

Kelley bought everyone Amish-made pretzels for our dodgeball tourney.

Some produce I have never seen sold before.

I went with the Euro for lunch.

I wish we could have spent even more time at the market, but we had to make it to the dodgeball tournament Kelley’s non-profit organization was participating in. I haven’t played dodgeball since I was in elementary school. I learned several things: there is such a thing as a professional dodgeball player, professional dodgeball players can throw a ball really hard, when said ball is being thrown at you it is really scary, and all boys teams take no mercy on girls. We did our best.

When the tournament was over (we made it through the first rounds of the playoffs!), we went to a legit Mexican restaurant and nursed our black and blues.

Much needed. Adorable glass is just a bonus.

I choose fajitas, because they were one of the healthier options on the menu.

Kel and I ended the night with a Greek marathon – my current favorite show. Good weekend so far!

2 responses to “Philly in Photos Part 1

  1. I lived on the east coast all my life except the last the 12 years when I “temporarily” moved to the middle of cornfields. I love your description of Philadelphia. I moved there after college and lived in Center City for 10 years – then moved here….a huge shock to the system! I used to head over to Reading Terminal for lunch and then again on my way home to pick up something to throw together for dinner. I’ve never come across anything like it in the midwest.

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