Philly in Photos 2

Sunday we slept in late. I took some time in the morning to read my newest selection, The House at Riverton by Kate Morton. I am only 80 pages in and already hooked. My goal for 2011 is to read 25 books and so far I have finished two.

After our lazy start, we went for tea at the Rittenhouse Hotel. It’s a spectacular and classy old hotel in Philly. Kel and I always try to do one event where we get to dress up when we visit each other, so afternoon tea at a nice hotel has been on our list for a while. The Rittenhouse did not disappoint. The tea service was $25, and well worth it. They allowed you to take your time to enjoy the atmosphere and chat. We sat there for hours and slowly enjoyed our indulgence. The afternoon tea service included:

Assorted finger sandwiches, black currant scones, and assorted pastries.

Close-up of the sandwiches.

Your choice of a pot of tea.

I choose vanilla and it was so soothing.

After tea, we wasted time in the  mall until Kelley’s non-profit had a meeting. I picked out some new measuring cups and a food container in a cute kitchenware store. We went to Kel’s meeting and then after, I was so hungry, I vetoed us making us dinner. Instead, Kelley introduced me to a local favorite: Wawa. Not the healthiest choice on our parts, but the tuna sub was yum.

Today, we didn’t have much time before I caught the bus. We stopped by the Whole Foods and hit up their salad bar and shopped around a little. I picked up some Siggi’s that will make an appearance in my breakfast tomorrow.

A big salad and a part of a bean buritto from Whole Foods.

Then it was off to the bus, NYC, and finally, Chris and Hadley. Thanks Kel for a great visit!


One response to “Philly in Photos 2

  1. Yay for a fun visit! Thanks for coming! I’ll let you know how the raviolis turn out tonight 🙂

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