Deciding on Fridays

I decided that it would be fun to do a series on Fridays. Something to end my week in a happy way. Sitting on the subway yesterday, I pondered what my Friday series should be about. Did I want to do a Fashion Fridays and feature some of my favorite outfits? I felt that didn’t have enough to do with the tone of my blog. Though I mean, who doesn’t love a little fashion? I then considered a Friday Finds. I could feature items that I was either lusting over or had recently purchased. This could be more in tone with my blog, because I am currently lusting over lots of kitchen gear – ie I need a good veggie peeler, garlic press, and cheese slicer asap. Still, that didn’t feel perfect. Lucky for me there are lots of words that have good alliteration with Fridays, which makes the writer in me happy. So I settled on it: Foodie Fridays. Every Friday I will feature a restaruant in the NYC area that I either have visited or wish to visit soon.

Check out later today for my first official Foodie Friday post! I will be featuring the amazing restaurant I ate at last night. I have pictures!

2 responses to “Deciding on Fridays

  1. This sounds like a great idea! Can’t wait to see all the great restaurants you’ll feature!

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