Lesson Learned

Today I ate something other than oatmeal for breakfast. Look at me branching out!

Pumpkin Oat Muffin and Cranberries

For lunch I made a big mistake and paid for it. I saw a new Indian buffet yesterday, so I ate decided to try it out. I ate a little of my plate and realized that 1) I was pretty full and 2) that the food was pretty darn spicy for me. I mean we are talking eyes watering, nose running spicy. I know, I’m attractive. I convinced myself that I should have some more to eat. I guess it was the idea that I used to eat so much more at Indian buffets that moved me on.  And guess what? I am an idiot. I can no longer eat the same portion sizes I once did – WHICH IS A GOOD THING. Why I ate beyond my fill today is beyond me. I paid for it the rest of the work day with a horrible stomach ache. It felt like gremlins were trying to find their way out of my stomach. Lesson learned.

I almost didn't post this, because it hurts my stomach to look at it.

I had PT late today, but I was only a little hungry before I left because my stomach had only just settled down. I figured I should eat something, since it was likely to run until 10PM.

Pumpkin Oat muffin to the rescue! Seriously, these are delicious.

I had a light dinner when I got home from PT. I mixed together Almond Honey Bunches of Oats and Kashi Go Lean Crisp, added a small amount of dried cranberries, and tossed in a few dark chocolate chips. Instead of milk, I mixed in low-fat plain yogurt. I would never have thought of doing that on my own, but I have seen a lot of other bloggers eating yogurt and cereal. It was like eating an amazingly healthy dessert. I had to remind myself I was over over-eating, because part of me so wanted another bowl. See, I am learning!

Off to finish watching Biggest Loser. What did you learn today?

2 responses to “Lesson Learned

  1. I feel like i’m constantly learning not to eat past my “full” mark! ugh!!!! I learned that I neeeeeed more pilates in my life and need to force myself to go

  2. I would love pilates in my life. Classes are so overpriced in NYC!

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