Random Meals and Awesome Finds

My meals were pretty random today. I went on a shopping trip to Target yesterday and bought a whole bunch of goodies off my food shopping wish list to play with so they will be making apperances. Breakfast was the usual. For lunch I had left over pea soup (mmm mmm good), but I knew that it wouldn’t keep me satisfied on its own, so I paired it with some dried cranberries.

Why do dried cranberries look so scary up close?

After work, I decided to take advantage of some NYC shopping. I am thankful that I have a pretty small closet, because it keeps me from shopping past my limits (Chris would argue this statement). I’m also a pretty amazing deal shopper. I’m not cheap, I’m frugal. I’m pretty sure there is a difference. These are my two finds of the day:

Self high-five mittens! $5 I'll try to take a clearer picture later.

Literally, awesome. $3 at Old Navy.

Great shopping success! When I came home, I weighed in and lost .6lb this week. Not a great amount, but since I can’t work out until I am given the go ahead by my PT  any loss is appreciated.

For dinner, I was feeling experimental. I wanted mac ‘n cheese, but I knew that I needed to stick to the 1 cup serving size, which would likely leave me hungry soon after. So I decided to bulk up my mac ‘n cheese. I served it on a bed of wilted spinach mixed with chickpeas and topped with a little feta. It satisfied my craving and left me so full that I couldn’t finish my bowl.

After dinner I got to work making Pumpkin Oat Muffins. They came out very moist (why do so many people hate that word?), and I may have already downed one. I promise to share this yummy recipe soon!

What are your most recent awesome shopping finds?

2 responses to “Random Meals and Awesome Finds

  1. Those mittens are hilarious!!! Love it!!!

    (send me an email to Kristina@Lifeaskristina.com – for some reason my emails that i’m sending to you keep getting kicked back)

  2. Allie I so love your new mittens. They are adorable and so you! Enjoy THEM!

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