This Week’s Loves #1

This is the first of a weekly installment I plan to write on Sundays (or Mondays in the case of long weekends such as next week). What did I love this past week? What made me happy?

– Snowfalls

– Hadley getting groomed

On his way to get groomed.

– Finding a Ciao Bella Gelato store

– Visiting Zabar’s

– Dinner with good friends from law school at an Italian-Mexican fusion restaurant.

I went the mexican route and ordered a quesadilla app for dinner.

– Wearing new outfits to work

– Breaking out my outlet find last night: $40 grey Aerosole boots – I have been looking for grey boots ever since I saw Lorelai running around in them on Gilmore Girls, but could never find a pair I liked until last week

– Becoming a soup-maker

– Continuing to reconnect with one of my oldest friends and going on a double date tonight with her and her boyfriend

– Starting PT

– Walking through Central Park when it looked like Narnia

– Visiting a free exhibit at a museum

– Starting season 2 of Friday Night Lights

– Sleeping in late on the weekends

Enjoy the last day of the weekend everyone! I know I will – I am off to go have a brunch of leftover pea soup and the other half of my Zabar’s bagel with scallion cream cheese! Tonight, Chris and I are going to sushi with one of my oldest friends that I have been lucky enough to recently reconnect with and her boyfriend. Between that, I am hoping to fit in a Target shopping trip. Happy lazy Sunday!

4 responses to “This Week’s Loves #1

  1. I think these are going to be my favorite posts 🙂 I love them! Yay for your blog btw! I really like it!

  2. “Enjoying Central Park when it looked like Narnia.”

    WOW! What great imagery! I absolutely loved this phrase. Sent chills down my spine. I just wanted to swing by and say thank you for subscribing to my blog, “Shari Lopatin: Rogue Writer.” Looks like you got the “observation” part of my post down pat (re: Be the Chicken Nugget in a Bag of Vegetables). I appreciate the time you spent reading my work, so I wanted to take some time to visit you. I like your idea of posting what makes you happy each week. I think, personally, this is a great exercise for any writer. Sparks creativity.

    Great job!


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