Daily Archives: January 8, 2011

Up and Running

Nope, this post isn’t about what you think it is – I am not up and running around yet. I’m only done with my first week of PT! I did, however, figure out what was going on with my photos, so my photo-blogging is up and running again. Apparently, I can only have a small number of photos stored in my WordPress photo library at once, so I deleted a bunch and was good to go. So, here’s yesterday for you:

As you may have read here, NYC was snowing and glorious in the morning. I didn’t venture outside for lunch because I am pretty busy at work on Fridays. I had at my desk a SmartOnes Four Cheese Ziti, which is about the only frozen meal that I enjoy. I paired it with a small baggie of Half Naked Popcorn – this stuff is seriously good and good for you. Do you have any healthy and delicious frozen meals to recommend?

After work, I ventured out into the city in what I was hoping to be a Winter Wonderland. It was not. The snow had given way to something I affectionately call Ithacating and it was pretty nasty outside. Chris has been sick for the past few days, but dragging himself to work nonetheless, so I figured I would play the role of the good girlfriend and cook him a nice dinner. Growing up in a Jewish household I learned that certain foods can have wonderful healing qualities. I wasn’t going to make chicken noodle soup (aka Jewish penicillin) because I don’t eat meat, but I figured I could go to Zabar’s and pick up ingredients to make a yummy meal nonetheless.

I have only been to Zabar’s once before, and let me tell you, it is amazing. It is not only quintessential NYC, but you also feel like you step back in time when you walk in. Most products are fresh, little bubbes (grandmas) are running around ordering everything, and it is such a welcoming atmosphere. If you are ever in the area, I suggest stopping in.

I had a great shopping trip and picked up: 2 bagels, scallion cream cheese, half sour deli pickles, pre-prepared kasha varnishkes, challah, Danish Havarti, a potato and onion knish, and a Zabar’s mug. I went in with a budget of $23 and I spent $23.56. Pretty good!

Chris brought home ingredients for me to make him pea soup. We ended up eating for dinner:

Half of the knish each, and

a big serving of pea soup, and a large chunk of challah.

I used a recipe I slightly modified from Bri’s blog. It took me a long time to make – I should have started earlier – but Chris and I agreed it was one of the best pea soups we ever had. Plus, we have a bunch for leftovers. I never made soup before, so know I can say I’m a soup-maker!  Any good new types of food you’ve made recently?

Chris woke up this morning feeling much better, so I think I will take credit for his recovery. 😉 I am off now to enjoy a day of munching on half of a Zabar’s everything bagel with scallion cream cheese for breakfast and an adventure to a museum with Chris and a friend for the afternoon. Have a good weekend all!