Daily Archives: January 6, 2011

Let’s Get Physical

Today I started Physical Therapy! I think I am really going to like PT. I mean how can you not like having your knees massaged, heated, and then iced? I met my physical therapist who was really nice. He said that we shouldn’t assume like my doctor did that I can never run outside again, but rather, we will see at the end of a few weeks. I hope upon hope that I can get to a place where I can run outside. At this point, I would even take training for 5K (which, let’s not kid, would be really hard for me to do right now).

I mean this place just looks fun.

I’ll be going to PT two times a week for the next 6 weeks or so. I am going to be really positive about this in order to give my body any boost I can. I want to exercise!

Besides PT, I also ate today. I forgot to take my camera to work, so I missed out on taking any pictures during the day. I had my usual instant oats for breakfast. Today I had Strawberry’s ‘n Cream, and it’s just isn’t as good as my usual maple. Lunch was super yummy: open faced focacia sandwich with goat cheese, arugula, artichokes, and honey mustard. I was super hungry and snacky today. I ended up munching on dried cranberries that a co-worker brought into the office (and I am now in love with) and a banana. I kept my banana in the fridge because I really love cold bananas. My boyfriend hates cold bananas so we are constantly putting them in and out of our fridge at home.

Dinner I do have pictures of and it was a great throw together. My boyfriend, Chris, brought me home a few shrimp in a fresh garlic sauce last night. I heated up the shrimp and garlic in a frying pan with a little bit of egg whites, tofu, and tomato and served the whole thing over rice. It was an easy and delicious dinner.

I paired it with a satisfying glass of white wine. I tend to withhold from drinking wine during the week, so this was great.

I ended the night with a little dessert. I just have been craving sweets lately!

This needed a little PB mixed into it and then it was really tasty. Without it, it's a no go.


Food Shopping Wish List

So, I am slowly learning the ways of healthy eating. Along with knowing how to eat healthy is understanding what’s good to have on hand in your kitchen so that you can make healthy choices. My cupboards and fridge are pretty bare right now, so a food shopping trip (i.e. Target trip because the food store is too far to schlep to – city living) is at hand. Here’s a list of everything I would love to buy to stock up my new healthier kitchen if price was no option.

– Old Fashion Oats – I love love love oatmeal and would like to try to make them on my own.

– Dried Cranberries – Someone brought them into work today, and I think I am already addicted.

– Cottage cheese – This was a staple in my life for a while, but has been left out lately.

– Greek Yogurt – Because apparently it is magical.

– Granola – Why are you so expensive?

– Loads of veggies – Major game players include lettuce, spinach, tomato, onion, zucs, spaghetti squash, green peppers, eggplant, baby carrots (duh), and sweet potatoes (did I ever mention I have a veggie problem?).

– Fruit – Including bananas, purple grapes, and apples.

– Dark chocolate chips – Perfect for that I need a sweet moment.

– Arnold Sandwich Thins – Ever try these with PB and dark chocolate chips? It’s a delicious idea I got from Tina at http://carrotsncake.com.

– Sunflower or Almond Butter – I have never tried either of these, but I am scared to make the investment and not like them since they are expensive!

– Couscous – So versatile.

– Olive Oil – Heart healthy and handy.

– Chickpeas and Great Northern Beans – My two favorite beans of the moment (though I’m not sure that chickpeas are actually beans).

– Light Cranberry Juice – I hardly ever buy liquids, because they are too heavy to carry.

– Brown Rice – Or maybe even black rice. I’ve never had it, but I hear it’s good for you and yummy.

– Feta cheese- Cuz feta makes everything betta (oh yea, I went there).

– Hummus – I am such a hummus snob. After going to Israel, I can’t seem to find a brand in the US that I enjoy. I feel like there must be somewhere in NYC with killer hummus.

– Whole Wheat Flour – A life goal of mine is to be that person who bakes their own bread.

– Salmon Filet – I don’t eat meat, but I do eat fish. Call me a hypocrite, but I was severely anemic before I added it back into my diet.

– Tuna packets – I like the Bumblebee in water packets best. Tuna out of a can grosses me out.

– Gimme Lean Ground Beef – After the yummy meatballs from earlier this week, I want to keep this on hand.

– Egg noodles – Because the Jewish girl in me loves them, since they remind me of summer camp.

– Low-fat Coconut Milk – I’m really into using this in Thai inspired curries right now.

– Barley – I have never cooked with this before, but I would love to try to make a barley soup.

Clearly I can neither afford to buy everything on my wish list, nor can my boyfriend and I carry this all on our 25 minute walk back from Target. I am going to need to make some cuts. What are must haves? What can I skip?