All in a Day

For breakfast I had oatmeal as per usual. Lunch I grabbed a salad with crab meat and a little bit of pasta mixed in topped with some oil and vinegar dressing. I paired that with a half of multigrain roll and a delicious Stewart’s Diet Root Beer. Stewart’s reminds me of when I was little and my grandparents would take me there or to the Windmill (which is pretty similar), so it always kind of feels like a treat when I drink their Root Beer.

For dinner, I cooked with my friend Lauren who is in the process of learning how to cook. It’s so much fun, because we have been trying out different creative dishes together. Tonight we made veggie and tofu fajitas. They came out well and were very filling.

I made a banana smoothie for dessert when I got home, but I am still full from the fajitas, so I think I will try to pass the rest of it off to my boyfriend when he finally gets home from work (yes, he is still at the office!).

Oh and fine, I had one piece of dark chocolate peppermint bark. It is my favorite and I got it as a stocking stuffer. It’s been hard to have it in the house, but I have been trying really hard to restrict myself to one piece a day. I’m doing much better with it than I did with the dried mango that was also in my stocking. It is my favorite food in the world (the perfect combination of taste and texture), and I have absolutely no self control around it so I never buy it. What’s your biggest food weakness?

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