Daily Archives: January 4, 2011

Chilly Start

I am not a morning person. Not in the least. This morning, it was especially hard to get up because it was freezing in my apartment. The heat works, it just works too well. Since it blows hot and doesn’t regulate itself, I have to turn it off before I go to bed at night. Normally, I have the pleasure of having my boyfriend get up first, but today he wasn’t feeling well, so I had to drag myself out from under the warm covers and turn it on. At least, I have a good morning schedule worked out, so I already had my clothes laid out for me. Doing as little as possible before I leave for my job is clutch. I lay out my clothes and breakfast and put together anything else I need the night before. I also shower the night before, so that all I need to do when I get up is to get myself ready. My boyfriend walks the puppy in the morning because I take care of him when he works late in the evening, so I can be up and out pretty darn fast. In fact, I have such a talent at my speedy start that I have astounded roommates in the past for my ability to go from complete mess to cute girl in all of 15 minutes.

This morning I wore my new bright yellow granny sweater from LL Bean today and a pair of trouser jeans that fit when I bought them before Thanksgiving but now are getting on the large size. I call my sweater a granny sweater, because it truly is one. All the reviews online were written by people in the 65 plus age group. And I love it!

Because mornings are hard on me, I don’t ever do anything special for breakfast. Unless I say otherwise, if it’s a workday then I am having Quaker Oatmeal for breakfast. Normally, I have the Maple Oats kind and at least once a week someone asks me what the delicious smells is. I am open to “better for me” but just as quick breakfast ideas, so suggest away.

For lunch, I decided to eat out. Typically, I am not super hungry during lunchtime, but today I was starved. I tried out an Indian restaurant near Hell’s Kitchen. It was okay, but super low on the spice. That’s a lot coming from someone who had to baby step her way up on the spicy scale to even handle Indian food. Still, it was cheap enough and tasty enough that I will probably try it out again. I was proud of myself because the meal came with both naan and rice, but I knew I couldn’t eat both. After snapping the picture below, I decided on the naan (I still have a bread problem), so I took all the rice off the plate so I wouldn’t be tempted. I also ate all the veggies out of the sauce, but left most of the sauce behind. I figured that a lot of the calories but not much of the filling feeling was in the sauce.

Indian food just never photographs pretty.

When I came home from work I decided to have a cup of one of my current favorite snacks. Purple grapes. I am so into these that when I don’t have them in the apartment I seriously pout.

I know we all know what grapes look like, but how cute is this cup?

For dinner I got a little creative with my low stocked fridge. I made a quick salad with lettuce, onion, and a little feta, and I threw on my favorite homemade dressing (a recipe I’ll share later). For my main course, I took the left over meat(less)ball and a half and put them on a lowfat multigrain english muffin  topped with some of my skim mozz and tomato sauce. Quick and easy meat(less)ball parm! I filled the rest of my plate with broccoli. The whole meal came out surprisingly well.

Now I am relaxing and watching the Biggest Loser. How awesome are Bob and Jillian?